Friday, 5 July 2019

Tree Poems

Kia Ora Bloggers, it's been a while.
In this post, we will be talking to you about an activity that we did with our class.

We were talking about doing activities with the class in meetings and it finally happened. We decided that we would do an activity to make the students feel grateful and connected with anything. 

 We had conversations about how in a pumpkin seed, there is a pumpkin, you could actually make a pumpkin out of that seed, for all you know it could be the biggest pumpkin in the world. 

The person who helps us with our meetings, is a poet, quite good actually; so we had the idea to do three line poems based on a tree you take a photo of.

Unfortunately, there were only two members the day we did it with our class and they said it went smoothly, here are some photos:

For example, if you did a poem based on the tree above you could do:
"The pigeon finds rest
Within your leaves
as you Stand Tall and Firm"

- Jedi (Co - Head of Student Council)

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed!
See you soon, bye!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Emotional Intelligence/Parents coming!!

                                                                    Hey Everyone!!

Today Student Council is  going to be showing you our work we have been doing around Emotional Intelligence! 

So not long ago we made a big blue poster about Emotional Intelligence, that we shared with all the parents what came on the end of term 1. When they looked at our work we gave them a flyer asking what the Student Council should improve on? 

Student Council going to be showing you our poster that we showed in front of all the parents. 
Were not that happy with it because it looks a bit tacky. But Student Council  are going to improve the painting and adding some drawings to do. So its a bit more eye catching. 
Student Council have some slides to but were still working on them.


Thursday, 14 March 2019

Student Council - Meeting Time

We have well and truly started our year as Student Council and are already up to creating things, starting our project and more. Over the next two weeks well will be holding our own meetings and/or finishing up work and perfecting it. In this post we will be showing what our meetings have been about and maybe even ask you some questions.

We have come across the topic of 'Emotional Intelligence'. We did some brainstorming about it and we we thought it was. Here is a video of us asking people from our school what they thought 'Emotional Intelligence' is.

Here is a question: What do you THINK 'Emotional Intelligence' is or means.

Thank you for your time.

- School Council

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

First time for everything...

Student councils very first meeting for 2019!
The student council have been working very hard, and sometimes we just need to have a little fun. Here's what our first ever meeting looked like, and believe me it's probably not what you expected...

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Student Council - 2019!

Kia Ora, this is the first blog post on the 'Student Council Blog 2019'.

In this post, we will all be introducing ourselves. This year we have 5 members, four year 8's and one year 7 representative. Throughout this post, you meet each of us. We will start with the two heads, and then members.

Unfortunately, we were at 7 members but one of our 'Student Council' members has moved schools. This year we will only have five members. Hope we can manage!

 Our next post will be about our two meetings so far. Thank you for reading the post. That is it for today!

- Student Council

Monday, 11 December 2017


Thank you Richard for all that you have done for us this year! Hannah can't wait to see you next year.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

End of year reflection.

It was our last meeting with Richard today for the year. We really enjoyed having him and Hannah hopes to see him again next year. We had an end of year reflection on what we thought we improved on this year, What Richard taught us and what advice we have for the Student Council next year.

What we improved on?
Getting focused and staying on task.
"Knowing what your Purpose is and getting it done"
Becoming more confident as a group and opening up to new opportunities.

What has Richard taught us?
He has helped us get ready for leading when were older and making an impact on younger students.
He has taught us that leading us young adults is important and taking leadership roles.
Student leadership and agency, we shouldnt be scared to talk to adults about leadership roles and not let them shut us down with our roles.

Advice for next year?
"What is your purpose?"
Listening to others ideas and not being afraid to speak your mind with an idea.

We want your feedback, do you have any advice for next year for us?